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With the American Express Point of Purchase (POP) project, I led the redesign for the Australian website, infusing it with a fresh and modern aesthetic. This comprehensive redesign extended beyond Australia to include other regions such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Beyond website design, our approach involved elevating the presentation of over 200 products through innovative photography and Photoshop techniques. These products encompassed decals, stickers, masks, sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, pen stands, terminal talkers, bill folders, tent cards, wobblers, and more. Venturing beyond conventional angles, we captured and seamlessly integrated products in situ, creating an exciting and captivating display.

Our focus expanded beyond visual appeal to create an immersive online experience that resonated with American Express's diverse audience. The redesign aimed not only to enhance the website's aesthetics but also to provide a compelling way of showcasing a diverse range of products and assets.

AMEX POP website design
AMEX POP decal sticker
AMEX POP tip tray
AMEX POP tent stand
AMEX POP wobblers
AMEX POP bill folder
AMEX POP decal stickers
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