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For ANZ's Lunar New Year campaign, I played a pivotal role in bringing their unique money boxes to life. The product, ingeniously designed by our in-house product designer, took the form of the animal symbolising that year in the Chinese zodiac. My responsibility was to craft the vibrant red pack envelope artwork that complimented these distinctive money boxes.

To ensure the campaign resonated effectively within ANZ, I created engaging animations. These animations served as a dynamic and visually appealing means of introducing the new product to the ANZ team. The content was disseminated through email channels and showcased on large format screens in the Docklands office entrance.

In addition to the LNY campaign, I extended my creative contributions to ANZ's limited edition Lotti money box. Designed by our product designer, this special edition was inspired by the ANZ logo. My role encompassed designing impactful marketing collateral and engaging visual communications, providing a cohesive narrative for these unique and collectible offerings.

Lotti money box animation
Lunar new year red packet design
Lunar new year red packet design
Lunar new year year of the tiger background
Lunar new year money box animation
Lunar new year red packet design
Lotti money box animation
ANZ Lunar New Year red packet design
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