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For the Cambodian Kids Foundation (CKF), I embarked on a brand refresh instead of a brand evolution, adhering to the essence of their playfulness and colourful vibe. The previous branding lacked cohesion and consistency, presenting a clear opportunity for a modern touch.

Improving on the previous kid-like drawings, I focused on four distinct heads, representing diversity and the foundation's inclusive spirit. These colourful circle heads became the nucleus of the brand identity, echoed throughout the marketing collateral, effectively communicating the youthful nature and commitment to learning. The transformed visual language not only modernises the brand but also aligns seamlessly with CKF's mission of making a positive impact on the lives of Cambodian youth.

In addition to revitalising the CKF brand, I've crafted a comprehensive suite of elements, including brand guidelines, folders, brochures, leaflets, sign-up sheets, t-shirts, gift cards, and annual reports.

Beyond CKF, I extended the design overhaul to three vital sub-brands. Mishcam, a volunteer program, which sends volunteers to support the school in a village in Cambodia. Something I was fortunate enough to participate in. Soksan International School, which serves as an educational hub for children from the village and nearby areas. And lastly, One Day Spa and Beauty Salon which is not only offers rejuvenating services but also serves as a platform for career opportunities for girls and women in need of employment in Phnom Penh.

Cambodian Kids Foundation logo
Cambodian Kids Foundation brand guidelines
Cambodian Kids Foundation brochure
Cambodian Kids Foundation t-shirts
Cambodian Kids Foundation before and after logo
Cambodian Kids Foundation gift cards
Cambodian Kids Foundation sub brand logo
Cambodian Kids Foundation annual reports
One Day Spa brochure
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