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Don Smallgoods entrusted Zinc with the revitalisation of their consumer promotion strategy after a collaborative effort in 2018. The challenge was not only to enhance sales but also to elevate in-store engagement.

To incentivise participation, consumers were encouraged to purchase $5 or more of any Don or KR Castlemaine product, enter the designated website, and stand a chance to win a grand prize of $5000 and daily prizes of $250.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating allure of the circus, I conceptualised 'The Greatest Promotion on Earth,' in a similar vein to 'The Greatest Showman.' The aim was to craft a headline that not only caught the eye but also stirred engagement, turning the promotion into a spectacle. The visuals seamlessly mirrored the excitement associated with attending a circus, where performers proudly proclaim their greatness.

My role extended beyond ideation to encompass the entire creative direction. I designed a comprehensive suite of promotional materials, including key visuals, wobblers, electrostatic decals, A4 deli counter cards, A6 loose leaflets, A6 tear-off entry pads, A2 posters, and stickers applied to deli paper wraps. Additionally, I crafted digital designs for the promotion microsite and social media, including static tiles and animations for their Facebook page, ensuring a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

Don Smallgoods Promotion wobbler
Don Smallgoods Promotion poster
Don Smallgoods Promotion window decal
Don Smallgoods Promotion window decal
Don Smallgoods Promotion mobile screen
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