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For the Laminex Legends loyalty campaign, the aim was to encourage participants to become Laminex Legends, offering them the chance to claim their share of over $100,000 worth of prizes. As the creative force behind the campaign, I played a central role in shaping the visual identity and promotional materials.

Firstly, I designed the Laminex Legends logo to establish a distinctive and clean brand identity. The intentional logo concept of a signature adds a personal touch, akin to the unique style one employs when choosing Laminex products for their home. As part of the broader brand identity, a circular abstract line was strategically crafted. This element serves as a playful representation of the curves and circular components found in Laminex materials, symbolising the inherent characteristics of the products and visual connection to the curved shapes within a home.

Building on this foundation, I crafted a comprehensive prize catalogue that complimented the campaign. This catalogue served as a visual showcase of the enticing rewards awaiting Laminex Legends, enhancing the overall appeal of the loyalty program.

Recognising the power of multimedia, I took the initiative to direct and outsource the creation of a hype reel to an external partner. This reel served as a dynamic promotional tool, effectively communicating the excitement and allure of the Laminex Legends campaign.

Laminex Legends logo
Laminex Legends logo dashboard frames
Laminex Legends prize catalogue
Laminex Legends mobile dashboard
Laminex Legends prizes
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