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MAX Promotions, a distinguished subsidiary of Tabcorp, envisioned an innovative brand identity that would mirror the richness of their marketing initiatives. They sought more than just a name; they aimed for a comprehensive representation of the exclusive marketing activities facilitated by MAX. This required not just a logo but a dynamic branding identity that spoke to the diversity of their offerings.

In response, I curated a flexible colour palette, allowing for nuanced communication while maintaining a consistent and recognisable aesthetic. The design ethos was not just about static visuals but an adaptable identity that could seamlessly transition across print and digital mediums. Which were posters (A4, A3, A2, A1), floor decals, and digital banners. The goal was to create an identity and style guide that could effortlessly span both small and large-scale applications.

Drawing inspiration from the symbolism of victory and prizes, I meticulously crafted an angled ribbon-inspired logo in four versatile colours, strategically chosen for adaptability. Beyond the logo, this angle became a defining element of the visual identity, with all headings and calls to action adopting this dynamic slant. This deliberate choice was propelled by a desire for brand cohesion and recognition, ensuring that every visual element resonated with the brand's essence—dynamic, versatile, and synonymous with success.

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