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As part of the RSL Rewards rebrand, I was tasked with creating a new brand identity that would resonate with patrons of RSL Victoria. The client expressed a desire to diversify their marketing communications, as they felt that their previous designs were all looking too similar in colour and tone of voice.


I approached the design by elevating and modernising the existing logo, and incorporated the southern cross into the "D" of the logo. My focus was on creating a more promotional look and feel, while keeping in mind the program's goal of promoting community involvement and patronage of local RSL venues. While the main brand colours were to remain the same, as per the client's request, I was given the freedom to add secondary colours to the brand, allowing for a greater variety in marketing communications.

In addition to the brand guidelines, I also created digital banners and promotional materials that reflected the new branding. These materials set the tone for all future touchpoints and helped to establish the visual identity of RSL Rewards in the minds of potential members. Which has been a key role in creating successful campaigns that accurately represent the values and benefits of the RSL Rewards program.

RSL Rewards logo
RSL Rewards brand guidelines
RSL Rewards colour palette
RSL Rewards promotion on screen
RSL Rewards new website
RSL Rewards fonts
RSL Rewards promotions
RSL Rewards before and after logo
RSL Rewards promotions
RSL Rewards grocery stand
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